Cover of An Envelope Waiting






My chapbook, An Envelope Waiting, is now on sale at Finishing Line Press.  To purchase a signed copy, contact me directly.


“The best poems arrive with the surprise of an unexpected letter—just for us. Salutations. We open the envelopes of Lisa Roullard’s poems delicately. They release their spells: ‘blue beats,’ ‘heart braided to handwriting,’ the ‘single wing of a bird.’ Such lush and mysterious missives. Exotic stamps. This is a keepsake collection.”

—Nance Van Winckel, author of Our Foreigner


“These poems are alive with wry and mature vision.  They bring us into their clarified moments with humor, playfulness, and great skill, and with tolerances between the mundane and the marvelous, word to word and line to line, that are astonishingly fine and surprising.  Reading this collection, you get the feeling that a fresh, new voice has entered the conversation.”

—Christopher Howell, author of The Grief of a Happy Life


Portrait photograph by Cat Palmer.

All other photographs on this site by Ashley Brosten.